Botafogo vs Resende 4-2

Clarence Seedorf celebrates - Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

Clarence Seedorf celebrates – Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

Botafogo had a strange night today.  Playing at home, the fans watched only Resende in the field for the whole 1st half.

The team from southern Rio scored the first with Marcel, shooting good and taking the opportunity of a defense from Jefferson. And increased the score by penalty with Elias.
But at the moment the crowd began to boo, Vitinho gave a nice pass to Seedorf who kicked fast to reduce the diference.

In the second half Botafogo came different and at 47′ Seedorf misses, but Márcio Azevedo dribbles the opponent and equalizes the match.

From thath moment, Botafogo dominated the game. Then at 64′ the Dutch fought for the ball passes it through the opponent’s legs and gave a nice pass to Cidinho who got confused but managed to finish turning the game for Botafogo.

Cidinho and Seedorf celebrating - Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

Cidinho and Seedorf celebrating – Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

At the end of the match, Vitinho kicked a corner, Antônio Carlos shunt and Sassá closed the victory. Botafogo vs resende 4-2

Sassá celebrates the last goal of the game - Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

Sassá celebrates the last goal of the game – Photo by Fernando Soutello (Agif)

Watch the goals here.

Match Events:
Marcelo (Resende) – 20′
Elias (Resende) – 32′
Seedorf (Botafogo) – 45′
Márcio Azevedo (Botafogo) – 47′
Cidinho (Botafogo) – 64′
Elias (Botafogo) – 77′

Yellow Cards:
Júlio César (Botafogo)
Bastos (Resende)
Thiago Fernandes (Resende)

Friburguense vs Flamengo 0-4

Friburguense vs Flamengo

In the only game of the day of the Rio de Janeiro Championship (Campeonato Carioca), Flamengo thrashed Friburguense, away, opening the 6th round.

The Championship’s Top Score, Hernane, scored twice and reached 7 goals in the competition. The other two were Rafinha, which was voted the best player on the field, and Cleber Santana, who came from the bench in the second half.

At the beginning of the game Friburguense had a setback. The goalkeeper Adilson had an allergic attack and the doctors opted to leave him out of the match and the substitute Afonso was assigned to the game. Leaving Friburguense with no goalkeeper on the bench.

Despite the heavy rain that fell in Macaé, Flamengo had no trouble opening the score with Hernane, which soon extended the advantage.


Hernane celebrates one of his scores – Photo by André Mourão (Ag. Estado)

At this moment Flamengo went to exchange passes but without being hassled by the Nova Friburgo’s team.

Early in the second half, Rafinha received a long ball from Ibson and broke free towards the goal, kicking over the goalkeeper and making the best goal of the night.

Hernane, who sprained his right ankle, gave way to Cléber Santana, who received a beautiful pass from Rafinha and closed the rout. Friburguense vs Flamengo 0-4

At the end of the game, Flamengo’s coach Dorival Junior was sent off by the referee of the match for complaining.

Watch the goals here.

Match Events
Hernane (Flamengo) – 6′, 12′
Rafinha (Flamengo) – 53′
Cléber Santana (Flamengo) - 61′

Hernane (Flamengo) - 37
Sérgio Gomes (Friburguense) - 59′

England vs Brazil 2-1

Brazil begin the match full pressing, but the English team kept up with the ball possession. Only at 8′ Brazil began to present his football.

Ten minutes later, Brazil had a penalty (The ball touch Wilshire’s arm unintentionally), but Hart defended Ronaldinho’s shot and also the rebound. In the third chance, Neymar, pressed by the defense, kicks the ball out.

Ronaldinho misses penalty

Hart catches Ronaldinho’s Penalty Kick – Photo by Tom Jenkins (The Guardian)

At 25′ England scores. A quick counterattack and Wayne Rooney picks up the second ball and kicks between the Brazilian Players Dante and Adriano.

Wayne Rooney celebrates - Photograph: Tom Jenkins (The Guardian)

Wayne Rooney celebrates – Photo by Tom Jenkins (The Guardian)

At 36′ Brazil loses a great chance. Oscar crosses, the ball goes through everyone and Neymar, sliding, shoots over.

At halftime, Scolari changes Luis Fabiano for Fred and at 47′ Fred equalize the game for Brazil. At 3′ he hits the bar in another defensive mistake from England and miss the chance to turn over the score.

Fred scores after 2 minutes in the field - Photo by Shaun Botterill (Getty Images)

Fred scores after 2 minutes in the field – Photo by Shaun Botterill (Getty Images)

After that England pressed hard until the 59′ Arouca, who had entered in Ramires’s place, misses a pass to Paulinho and Frank Lampard put England in front again.

Photo by Stefan Wermuth (Reuters)

Lampard celebrates – Photo by Stefan Wermuth (Reuters)

At the end of the match Brazil pressed for the equalizer but the game ends England vs Brazil 2-1.

“I was threatened by fans”


Fred training at Laranjeiras
Fred training at Laranjeiras – Photo: 

The Fluminense striker Fred will not play the game tonight.  He asked not to play because of the threats he claims to have suffered the night before.

Some fans found him and another striker Rafael Moura at a bar in Rio de Janeiro, these fans had access to the bar’s bill and reported that the players had been drinking over 60 Caipirinhas.

Fred said that these fans chased him for a few streets of Rio de Janeiro, until they managed to shake them.